Corsair and more random screenshots

•August 20, 2008 • 2 Comments

Havn’t posted anything in a while, so thought id do a bit of updating on things.

Been leveling Corsair again, it’s now 42 and is hella fun. Way different to anything else, and everyone i party with loves what i do, so i cant complain haha. The buffs are badass, cant say much more than that, if i’m lucky, a single roll beats out two bard songs, and i can give two rolls, see where this is going? Also Just got my trump gun, its all red and shiny, looks hot, and having 6 barrels is a plus. Cant wait till i can wear full Af, the set just looks so freaking hot. I kind of cheated, but this is what ill look like.

Yea, my fish have a habbit of disappearing on me…and theres a floating fishtank.

At the same time we did my trump gun, Feya and I decided to play with the penguins in Arrapago reef..yea, not a smart idea. They link, and waddle slow, so we thought it would be cool to train the whole lot of them to the zone. Feya poked one and they didnt link, it just waddled after him, all goofy like, so we’re all like what’s up? So i poked one, and got the whole lot on me. Turns out they can run pretty damn fast too…15 seconds later, and im eating dirt, so not cool.

Lots of penguins waddling about…

…and me dead.

Also finished doing 20,000 assault points for me and Mischa, so we could finally get our gear. Mischa was after the yigit gages for her red mage, and i wanted the pahluwan sereweels for my ranger.

She called them my fluffy gay purple pants, but i can live with that, beats having no pants i guess?

With this summerfest event going on, i thought it would be cool to make Mischa and Feya signed goldfish bowls for their mog house.

This is what it looks like, kinda neat eh?

And this is what it looks like whens someone eats them…

These next few screenshots are from some quest i did a while back, maybe its just me but they cracked me up haha.

These last few are just some screenshots of Vunkerl inlet. I went here when the expansion first came out, but never looked round much. This place has got to be one of the best looking zones in the game i reckon.

Anyways that’s me done for now, i’m sleepy.


American Idol Rewind

•July 24, 2008 • 2 Comments

When american idol became the event horizon, things started out good, but it wasnt to last. The last several months have seen what was once a great linkshell disintegrate into nothing. We all knew the new sackholder was an ass, but i guess that was an understatement. Could say more but im done with it now.

I’d almost given up on this game, too much BS will do that to you. Ive found myself looking for a new shell for a while now, but i dont really know where i want to go anymore…Only a couple of friends make me still want to play. And btw, when you read this, you smell, yea you, you know who you are ;p and buy me a plane ticket!

I still have no idea what i want to do, but this American idol rewind things got me kind of excited. The origianal sack holder, and a good friend, is going to be the leader again. Maybe things will be like they use to? Getting the old crew back together sounds real nice right about now. Im not sure where this is going to go, but it sure beats the last few months. That and staring at my moogle was getting real old. Being the only one in my new linkshell, “Tea and scones” probably didnt help much either.

Ramble done, im sleepy, my comps playing weird music, laters.

Corsair fun in the jungles

•July 20, 2008 • 1 Comment

So i’ve got Corsair to 32 and im loving it, the hexagun is so badass. Who wouldn’t love a gun with 6 barrels? Can’t wait till im able to wear the AF, that stuff just looks plain sexy. Some crossdressing mithra doesnt think so but hey, maybe he’ll get taken by a wombat and come out with an aussie accent.

Mischa’s leveling her samurai with me, and doing a pretty sweet job of getting whacked on and half dieing. I’d say i’ve taught her well but i’m not completely sure if that’s a good thing or not yet. One person dieing soon as you look away for a second is bad enough, but two? Anyways, Mischa had a dropkick moment, and got wasted by a goblin. Lucky i was there to screenshot it for her…and to show you just what happens when things don’t quite go your way…

You end up face down in the dirt, and that horny tarutaru, who does it like a rabbit on the discovery channel, goes to town on your junk like a kid in a candy store. Mischa wont have felt anything though…because the little dude is also hung like a rabbit…but oh well. Poor thing cant normally reach above the shins too i guess. Maybe if he had a ladder?

I reckon were straight up with the dance moves too eh? It’s like the dumb leading the dumber… anyways im done for tonight. I’m sleepy, time for work!

This post was brought to you by the letters B and Q, the number 7, and Mischa “touch me, i jiggle” wombat.

Oreo has a blog?

•July 12, 2008 • 3 Comments

So ive decided to make a blog. Im pretty dumb when it comes to these kinda things so ill see how it goes. Im thinking its gonna be mostly final fantasy XI related but ill post whenever about whatever.

My mates and i call eachother shortbuses and dropkicks a helluva lot, which is how i got the name for this. I was drinking tequila and talking, not a good mix sometimes, and called my friend a shortbus dropkick…or so i thought. Turns out, what came out off my mouth was actually shortkick dropbus. Maybe its a you had to be there to get it kinda thing, but it was all shits and giggles after that.

Well thats all for now, ima go drink some tea and eat a scone. Ill start posting random pictures once i figure out how too…